"Amplifying the Voices of Indigenous Peoples”


A briefing paper by the Indigenous Peoples Major Group, with contributions from the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

Introduction: Access to energy for all - at what price?

...... indigenous territories host big renewable energy projects and other “clean energy” such as large hydro dams, wind mill farms and geothermal plants without meaningful consultations with and consent by indigenous peoples who have prior rights to their lands and resources. These projects have resulted in conflicts, displacements, destruction of livelihoods, and have violated indigenous peoples’ rights and undermined their self-determined development. Furthermore, often the main objectives of many of these projects are to supply energy for industrial activity, urban areas and other infrastructure projects for profit, rather than to provide energy for indigenous peoples and marginalised communities.

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The outer layer of the IPMG logo symbolizes the sun while the seven “rays” represent the 7 global regions of indigenous peoples.
The corn and stalks of rice are integral to indigenous identities and to their food security.
The mountains and oceans (blue) are parts of indigenous peoples' territories that need protection for sustainable development.
The two circles in each of the rays symbolize the earth and the circle of life.



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Leave No One Behind - SDGs and Indigenous Peoples

This animation video, titled “Leave No One Behind – SDGs and Indigenous Peoples”, aims to introduce what is the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for indigenous peoples. In the video, you will also find some of the demands of indigenous peoples across the world to make the 2030 Agenda slogan “Leave No One Behind” a reality and what IPs can contribute to ensure that the Goals are achieved without indigenous peoples being left behind. The video is produced by AIPP in partnership with the Digital Mixes in September 2016. (Credit: AIPP)

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