National and Regional News

  1. Borneo locals win a court battle to bar a coal miner from their land
  2. Rural community that lost two coal mines is now teaching kids to install solar panels
  3. Ainu minority to file suit for fishing rights in northern Japan
  4. My message to Norway: Stop the mine or don’t mind the Saami reconciliation either
  5. Tribal girl from Tripura became state’s first woman Air Traffic Controller
  6. With China-backed Myitsone project, Aung San Suu Kyi is damned if she does ...
  7. Community prepares to throw switch on solar farm 100% owned and operated by First Nation
  8. Study finds Indigenous culture boosts children's outcomes
  9. British Columbia becomes 1st Canadian province to pass UN Indigenous rights declaration
  10. Crisis of Aboriginal women in prison in Australia
  11. Traditional Boat Building Helps Native Community Hone Ecological Knowledge
  12. Many Native Americans Can't Get Clean Water, Report Finds
  13. Colonialism to blame for MMIWG, not the victims: Nahanni Fontaine
  14. Anti-Discrimination Centre: Statement for the Center for Support of Indigenous Peoples of the North
  15. Peru Signs Agreement To End Deforestation Caused By Palm Oil By 2021
  16. A Philippine tribe that defeated a dam prepares to fight its reincarnation
  17. Conservation in northern Kenya: conflicts over community land in the pastoral margins
  18. Finnish gov agrees to formation of Sámi Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  19. Morales exiled in Mexico; Bolivian army unleashes violence on the people
  20. Sami Parliaments, EU Concerned by Russia Shutting Down Indigenous Rights Group

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