National and Regional News

  1. 40 Years In, Symposium and Exhibit Mark Watershed Moment for the Taíno Movement
  2. UN: Africa’s nomadic herders help, not harm, land and planet
  3. Securing land for IPs to help them fight poverty
  4. Dayak wildlife researcher uses indigenous knowledge for conservation efforts
  5. In DRC, a network of women leaders successfully advocated for an unprecedented legal framework to secure women’s land and forest rights
  6. Indonesia touts agrarian reform, but activists say success hinges on indigenous rights
  7. Mining company accused of destroying Aboriginal site and ancient Rock arts
  8. Latin American Countries Sign Landmark Treaty to Protect Environmental Defenders
  9. Murdered, missing and mysterious deaths of Native girls and women on or near the Yakama Reservation
  10. Saami Council: Railway to Arctic Ocean will have major negative consequences for reindeer husbandry
  11. For Lakota, Traditional Astronomy is Key to Their Culture’s Past and Future
  12. Complicity in Destruction
  13. Myanmar's indigenous people fight 'fortress' conservation
  14. With Palm Oil Expansion, India is Blazing a Trail to a Parched Future
  15. Kaiduan dam scrapped; not renamed as Papar dam
  16. Protesters in Finnish Sápmi draw red lines against railroad to Arctic Ocean
  17. Equality and Territory: the Common Struggle of Indigenous Women in the Andes
  18. Injunction halts Oaxaca wind farm over indigenous rights violations
  19. How indigenous peoples' lives are being destroyed by global agribusiness in Brazil
  20. 'It's so important': Posters in Cree help kids learn language in James Bay region

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