National and Regional News

  1. Leaders in Indigenous Law and Policy -- 'Report to UN on Criminalization of Indigenous Human Rights Defenders Resisting DAPL'
  2. Karen Indigenous Rights Defender Gunned Down by Burma Army Soldiers in Mutraw District, Karen State
  3. Indigenous women are 'seed guardians' in Latin America hunger fight, says U.N.
  4. Traditional landowners reject mining exploration bid in Bougainville
  5. ‘Extreme concern’: Report gives glimpse into scale of Kalimantan bird trade
  6. Indigenous women in Media: The new voices of indigenous Central American Radio
  7. Rubber plantation in Cameroon edges closer to UNESCO World Heritage Site
  8. BP claims an oil spill off Australia's coast would be a 'welcome boost' to local economies
  9. Oil Spill Now Larger Than Paris Ravages Indonesian Island, 5 Dead
  10. Orang Asli protect their lifeblood with blockades
  11. Jury Finds Former Bolivian President and Defense Minister Responsible for Extrajudicial Killings of Indigenous Peoples
  12. In historic ruling, Colombian Court protects youth suing the national government for failing to curb deforestation
  13. Communities want collaboration, customary law
  14. Individual land rights to India’s Indigenous peoples could be ‘disastrous’, expert says
  15. Native Activists Halt New Drilling Near New Mexico's Chaco Canyon
  16. Indigenous Amazonian Women: Defending Mother Earth
  17. Justice May Be Coming for Philippine Strongman
  18. Two Thai companies face flak over practices in Cambodia and Myanmar
  19. 'It's a start:' Ontario Indigenous firefighters note some progress in First Nations fire safety
  20. When Whales and Humans Talk
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