Global News

  1. In Harvard, the shaman Davi Kopenawa warns, “Amazon rainforest’s future is in danger”
  2. UN chief calls for ‘enlightened self-interest’ from world leaders to save ‘the whole planet’ from climate change
  3. Details for Latin America & Caribbean and Asia-Pacific Climate Weeks Announced
  4. Indigenous peoples, 'guardians of Nature', under siege
  5. The Philippines: Renewed allegations against UN expert are "clearly retaliation"
  6. U.N. to launch global campaign against criminalization of Indigenous peoples
  7. Uphold human rights of Indigenous peoples, allow traditional knowledge to lead land decisions, U.N. delegates say
  8. U.N. urges end to murders, attacks on Indigenous peoples defending forests
  9. Join forces to win land battles, UN expert tells global indigenous leaders
  10. Traditional knowledge at ‘core’ of indigenous heritage, and ‘must be protected’, says UN Forum
  11. Indigenous leaders at UN meeting push for decade dedicated to language revitalization
  12. Africa's nomadic herders help, not harm, land and planet - U.N.
  13. 16-Year-Old Activist Demands EU Parliament Act On Climate Change As Quickly As Notre-Dame
  14. Global Report on the Situation of Lands, Territories and Resources of Indigenous Peoples
  15. For Indigenous peoples, higher U.N. status gained, but rights still lacking
  16. The Killing Times: the massacres of Aboriginal people Australia must confront
  17. Massacre on Fulani pastoralists in Mali
  18. Learn about the value of indigenous trees – and plant one!
  19. Climate Change Could Destroy His Home in Peru. So He Sued an Energy Company in Germany.
  20. Indigenous peoples are crucial for conservation – a quarter of all land is in their hands

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